Today we embark on a wonderful and somewhat futuristic lofi journey, thanks to Romain Granger and AIR GOAT's debut single on Stereofox Records "Sakura Forest".

I had the pleasure of meeting Romain in person in Berlin after I fell in love with his debut EP Land of Lights (check out "Ubud" if you haven't). We happen to be neighbors, so managed to catch up and talk about music, data, and anything in between. Soon after he started sending me demos and I knew he's onto something as soon as I heard the first ideas. It's a real honor to call our label home to what's coming up and that's a wonderful 8-track instrumental album with a scent of Southeast Asia and what I referred to in the first paragraph as a futuristic feel. I'm sure you'll understand what I mean after the whole album is out on October 30th.

With an insatiable love for crafting melodies and a penchant for amalgamating diverse genres like hip-hop, lo-fi, and electronic, Romain’s musical odyssey unfolds as a mesmerizing tale. Joined be fellow French artist AIR GOAT, "Sakura Forest" is your first taste of Komorebi.

Listen on all streaming platforms here.

posted by Ivo
September 2023