Hearing Rosa Landers' "Garçonnière" for the first time felt like a magical trip that made the rest of the world disappear. I felt as if I was walking through the Sahara under the burning sun. A worthy follow-up to her mind-blowing track "Raised" which I covered back in March.

An actor, singer, and guitarist, Rosa Landers is a new name we should all be excited about. The song is taken from her debut 3-track EP Raised released via Lekker Collective. This mindful collection provides a glimpse into the thoughts of the Berlin-based artist, drifting through realms akin to a dream. Within this musical journey, themes of love, loss, and childhood challenges blend harmoniously, drawing from a diverse palette of world music, jazz, singer-songwriter, and soulful elements. I highly recommend digging through all the songs on Raised as each offers a unique experience.

"Garçonnière" is an expression for a space that wasn’t meant for two. Rosa elaborates, “Left behind in a garconniere pretty much places the story. Hearing birds outside but feeling a storm in oneself, in that one-room apartment. A reversed oud and downtempo beats serve the pulse of the last breaths of a connection, the end of a relationship."

posted by Ivo
last month