In-between holidays can be a tricky time. With the New Year approaching, we're all reflecting to what 2019's been like and what we can do better in 2020.

Roy Matz and Querenne come right on time with this gorgeous piano-driven, slow-beat hip hop & soul masterpiece with such a powerful message. Roy shares:

This song was my way out of a very dark place, in a very cluttered world, where an up and coming individual doesn't seem to have a voice. There is a voice in every person's head that says: "You can do this, you are working hard and you will one day reap the benefits of what you are sowing right now. You will be able to make a solid living, make a difference in the world, and laugh at times that you were poor and resourceless". But for that to happen, you have to experience these hard times to their fullest.

Hope this leaves you hopeful and with a smile on your face (being it melancholic).

posted by Nasko
December 2019