I've been a huge fan of Ruck P for nearly 7 years now (definitely check his music, if you still haven't, especially his "Vibin' Out") so, naturally, it's a dream come true to release with him at Stereofox Records.

The vibrant "Tayrona" here fuses his already signature fresh jazzy approach (those horns!) with groovy beats, soulful samples, and bright guitars. A true 'welcome' to summer that's hopefully just around the corner.

“The song was written during the cold season in Switzerland when I remembered my past road trips. The Tayrona National Park in South America reminds me of this time and I try to reflect this feeling in the song” Lucien shared.

Ruck P has been on a roll for the last few years, producing for CREED III's soundtrack, an Apple commercial, and CRO's 2021 trip album (charted #1 in Germany). He's also a frequent guest in our friends Chillhop Records' Chillhop Essentials compilations.

posted by Nasko
May 2023