Desert Night is the second single from ATLAS, debut album from RÜFÜS. The guys have been very busy in 2013: multiple sold out shows and parties in Australia, USA and Europe, debut album, ton of new material. With some of the bands you ask yourself why and how did it work out so great for them, but RÜFÜS is surely not the case. Their music is worth it.

"Desert Night" seems like a perfect track for almost any activity: sunbathing, pre-drinking before the massive night out, massive night out itself, stargazing, pretty much anything you can think of. Smooth velvet vocals + ambient sound funky and upbeat at the same time is the combo that makes the track so good. The tag on the Soundcloud says: sweat it out. So go for it.

Check out their official video to this track - weird yet amazing!

posted by Anna
July 2013