What happens when you mix minimalistic indie pop & trip-hop with electronic soundscapes and more synthetic sound?

This happens. I was quite surprised when I first heard that Berlin-based upcoming indie-pop artist Rumia has made a collaboration with Vaarwell for a remix of her song Everything I Did, I Did It Just for You. I am following for a while the Lisbon, London-based pop duo Vaarwell and I was very excited to hear their own approach and vision for Rumia's original track - well, they didn't let me down once again. This is the perfect combination. You can definitely hear that they really vibed together.

Dreamy vocals, slow rhythm, and spacy percussions, together with some wavy synths. Looking forward to hearing more from both of them. Released by Fluctua Records.

"Everything I Did, I Did It Just For You (Vaarwell Remix) features hypnotic lo-fi beats and minimal vocals samples that manage to put you in a trance when you listen to it. It has become a completely different song, and you can really feel their essence"


posted by Boris
April 2022