Australian born singer, songwriter and musician RY X is a name you are probably familiar with if you have followed our feed throughout the years. I personally discovered him from his singing for The Acid, where he teamed up with the talents of Steve Nalepa and Adam Freeland to produce the minimalistic, experimental masterpiece album Liminal (Stream here ).

He is back again, this time solo, with "Deliverance", a new single off his highly anticipated album Dawn, scheduled to come out on 6th of May. The track starts with a beautiful piano arrangement, which fits perfectly with Ry's haunting vocals, and slowly builds up into a flurry of dynamic harmonies along an uptempo beat, reminiscent of the Acid's vibe.

I am quite excited to hear this new project, and if you enjoyed this track do make sure to follow him through this release!

posted by Staff
April 2016