The nearly hour search of a proper Sunday tune ended up being a failure, so I thought of digging out a tune, which should have been shared on the fox long time ago. The project goes by the name Howling - a collab between Australian-born RY Cummings and Berlin-based (if I'm not mistaken) Frank Wiedemann.

I stumbled upon the music of RY X while researching stuff related to Berlin, apparently he's quite fond of the city and that comes to no surprise - this place is like the mecca for upcoming artists. However, that's another story! The tune below? It immediately evokes a massive amount of awe and on the same time feels strangely romantic. The synth which picks up around 2:40 is right on the spot. Just saying. That being said, I'll let you to enjoy the track and the live performance (below).

posted by Ivo
October 2013