The Long Game. The toughest one to play in life, yet the most worth-it. And often times, the most necessary. After composing, mixing, remixing, engineering and improvising over the past 1.5 years, Denver-based musician Ryan Mahrer is playing The Long Game. And his solo work Symmetry EP is a benchmark for his musical growth.

In his debut single, "Love's Taken Its Toll", the tide he's patiently awaited rolls thunderously back in with the support of a whole crew of renowned lyricists in the electronic scene. Boston-based MC Mr. Lif, Denver-based poet and lyricist Lily Fangz, and LA-based rapper Dylan Montayne all take the wheel to support him in beefing up a real, raw electro hip hop & soul sound.

His ongoing project in electronic duo Tortuga got our ears affixed following their EP New Day back in 2017. Now, the vault to his solo career opens with the first single off of his upcoming Symmetry EP due out on June 17th via Stereofox Records. Catch him at Electric Forest 2019 at the gem-of-a-stage The Silent Disco.

Stream "Love's Taken Its Toll" on all major platforms here.

posted by Mike
June 2019