A track that surely deserves its spot on your hip hop playlist, "Forever" is more than just a nice tune - it's a real anthem fueled with authenticity and meaning.

Sa-Roc, who we recently included in our list of 10 female rappers you should know about, is a mad-talented artist, who stands out with powerful flow and strong lyricism. In this track, she reflects on her path and the hardships that shaped and defined her.

"Forever" is part of her album The Sharecropper’s Daughter, which dropped in 2020. Its title pays homage to her father’s experience growing up sharecropping tobacco. The album is, in Sa-Roc’s own words “a sonic reflection on the generational inheritance of trauma and triumph that shapes our humanity and influences the way we see the world.” 

Make sure to check out the stunning video, which accompanies the track:

posted by Nora
January 2022