It's such a small (and beautiful) world!

I remember randomly finding a Japanese artist called yuhei miura back in 2020 - who happened to be one of our first Stereofox Records releases. Almost 4 years later, I'm super excited we're releasing with so many Japanese acts, and here are two more incredible talents.

Tokyo DJ/producer Sachiho & keyboardist Kanzas-City teamed up for a gorgeous jazz beats EP called City Wildlife - telling the story of a day in the busy city, from morning to night. "Dancing with the Moon" is the upfront single & the 3rd track from the project - it transports you to the empty streets after the work day, peacefully walking home under the moonlit sky. Its delicate jazzy keys and subtle beatwork will surely make you daydream.

Get it on your preferred platform here. The full City Wildlife EP comes out on Dec 15th.

posted by Nasko
November 2023