The Berlin-based, Casablancan producer saib. doesn't stop to amaze our Fox team with his top-level musicianship & brilliant production.

It seems that 2022 is an excellent year for the beat-wizard and now he is back with a brand new 15-tracks LP, entitled Unwind with our friends from Jakarta Records. The title track "Unwind" starts with soulful guitar licks, an airy flute, accompanied by a gentle R&B rhythm to melt your soul, but not for too long, because in the second part a new rhythm comes in and makes the song bloom like a flower in the Spring with his trademark samba percussions and elements, shifting what began as mellow and contemplative into a danceable jam. 

This whole album is a true genre-bending masterpiece, with its colorful instrumentations & wide range of sounds.


posted by Boris
September 2022