Time and time again, Brooklyn-base quintet Salt Cathedral prove that when it comes to creating a fusion of experimental indie pop sounds their music should be put on a pedestal!

Yesterday the guys released a brand new track called "Tease" and despite the fact that it carries their signature elements, this time the whole composition sounds way more electronic than anything we've shared so far. Not saying this as a criticism or anything - I think all their songs complement each other perfectly and the more I listen to them the more I ask myself why don't get the recognition they deserve. Don't want to be ranting in that direction, but sometimes it is a bit tiring of seeing the same acts over and over again while these disco/indie/experimental warriors seem to be staying under the radar. Anyhow, "Tease" is great and I'm pretty sure with boost your day. Cheers! ;)

posted by Ivo
June 2014