I don't spend much time on TikTok, but every time I open the app I stumble upon one of SEB's videos and somehow they always put me in the good mood. Not only because of his smooth moves but the music he was sharing them with.

I have to admit - it took me a while to figure out it was his actual music, but once I started digging around and found he's on Mom+Pop I had no other choice but start digging around. That's when I fell in love with "loving u is harder" - one of the reasons he's on our 20 Emerging R&B Artists You Need to Watch in 2023 list.

The US-based artist blew up in 2021 because of his "seaside_demo" which took the world (read TikTok) by storm. What I truly love about SEB is his undeniable ability to blend very, very different genres. I've picked up indie, pop, rock, dreamwave, and r&b while listening to his releases, and I couldn't be happier about the diversity of his sound. Clearly, someone who is not blindly following a formula and is striving to experiment.

While built around a rather soulful and r&b foundation, "loving u is harder" is so much more multilayered than this. The track starts with a simple, yet beautiful chord progression that injects this whole indie feel about it and makes it relatable for people from different scenes.

“loving u is harder is about feeling blindsided by who someone actually is after falling in love with them. The song also touches on the complicated dynamic of feeling dependent on someone despite knowing they aren’t good for you.”, shares the artist.

SEB is 100% going places.

posted by Ivo
February 2023