A gorgeous new offering by two names you should already know, if you've been following our previous posts.

Sebastian Davidson and Cir:cle crafted a mesmerizing new downtempo tune. Going deeper into their relatively new creative partnership, they continue exploring downtempo genres spanning dance, electronica, trip-hop, and d&b.

"Lightning" is a beautiful track from their second full-length album - Motion, out now via Loci Records, that sees them traverse a plethora of styles, incorporating their tasteful sound design, interesting sample choices and dance influences all wrapped up in a warm analogue coat. The track combines solid bass and driving percussion with exotic melodicism - a perfect blend of electronic and organic elements.

And if you enjoyed the track, which needless to say is the case, feel free to dive deeper into their new album, which is conveniently placed below, waiting for you to explore it.

posted by Nora
November 2021