As a big fan of chill beats, I can definitely recommend checking out this tune!

In my opinion, "Vetiver" is a prime example of this type of music. It highlights all the essentials needed in these productions.

Every element stands out and has its own space in the mix. The harmonies are great and the melody lines flow across the track effortlessly. This makes the track sound simple and easy to digest while having a lot of intricacy and complexity to it.

I love the drums too! The kick is full-bodied, and the subtle percussion really adds a lot of groove to the beat alongside the hi-hats.

.sinh, Massaman, and Makzo really made something beautiful with this collaboration. They're all artists that really shine when making these chill beats.

The track is part of the Dutch producers .sinh and Massaman's new EP titled Notes. College Music Records released the EP a couple of days ago.

So I wholeheartedly recommend tuning in to these people if you're not familiar with them already!

You can listen to the rest of the EP down below.

posted by Axian
February 2022