Skysia and Equanimous are always a powerful pairing. Organic warmth meets electronic futurism whenever they collide, with their latest track "Compass" putting this fusion of styles on full display.

A title like "Compass" certainly sets out to deliver a message of adventure, and the track delivers on this promise immediately. Opening tentatively, a gentle pad is laced with organic foley textures and strings that instantly develop the atmosphere of the track. The foley sounds almost like ropes and metal fixtures moving about on deck as a ship pitches and yaws.

The drums are as gentle as the pad that ushers the track in. Light and organic, they leave room for the soaring vocal layer that takes the spotlight. This vocal sample in fact runs through the whole track from this point, bringing with it a sense of comforting familiarity.

Stream "Compass" here:

Skysia · Skysia x Equanimous - Compass

posted by Rob
April 2021