Back in 2018 Sleepy Fish and Philanthrope, 2 favourite producer names in my book released "Away With the Fairies". The beat traveled the world and won millions and millions of hearts.

Now the pair grants us with the sequel to the collaborative instrumental and more of that lush lofi bounce. The successor is very underwater-y and spacious, but it is built around these very hard-hitting drums, which feel like the sun when you look up underwater - it's there, it won't leave you. The composition showcases their growth over the years as well as their continued chemistry and consistency.

It's 7AM and it's still relatively quiet for a Friday. This is the perfect companion.

Also, we've had the honour to chat with both, so catch up on our interview with Sleepy Fish and/or Philanthrope. Beautiful day, Internet friends.

posted by Ivo
March 2022