Electronic producer Slow Magic has unveiled the first single of his upcoming album Forgotten Feels, and I must say this is an experience that's imbued with deep emotions.

“Avoiding Pain” saunters the borders of melancholy and hope thanks to the pensive vocals echoing over the shimmering pads. It was inspired and made during a difficult time in his life, and subsequently aligns with the idea of Forgotten Feels as the album is centered around mental health awareness. Even in our interview with him back in 2020, he touches on his journey with his mental health.

This single is a slow burner, but once it reaches the climax it immerses you into a world adorned with vibrant melodies and touching vocals.

"What do we lose by avoiding our pain? I finished this song in the midst of learning that I had lost a family member. I spent a lot of time grieving and mourning for that person and reflecting on times in the past. There was a rush of nostalgic feelings and extreme pain that reminded me that we cannot go back to those times," said Slow Magic.

posted by Lu
May 2023