This one has been quite the ride for a few months.

Ever since I started talking to the Japanese duo Snowk and connected them with our dear Leena for a demo, I've been super eager for the full drop of this project. The 4-piece Show Me EP, taking its title from said collaboration, also features RiE MORRiS & Y A N A, as well as a breakbeat electronica instrumental.

“Show Me” was the first track we created after receiving the theme for this project,” Snowk explain. “It consciously reflects Snowk’s essence, and within the simple structure of synths and rhythms, we hope you can feel various elements that define us.”

Leena also elaborates, “It is about untruthful words, a stab in the back, and one broken friendship. But it's not a sad song at all, it aims to inspire you to let go & move forward.”

Extremely varied, yet oddly cohesive, the EP will take you on a journey through deep house, nu disco, soul electronica & even a club sound. Make sure to stream/buy it here.

posted by Nasko
March 2024