"That feeling you get on balmy nights in the middle of summer, when a warm breeze passes over your face, and you are hit with that deep sense of calm and contentment."

That's how SoBe described to me Midsummer when he sent the 3 beats my way. Needless to say, that was absolutely spot-on.

I've been crusing the coastline of Bulgaria for the past 3 weeks and his perfect selection of feel-good summer chill beats had been the best soundtrack one could dream of. Hence, I'm happy we're able to share this with you today.

There's something inherently positive in each of the 3 compositions. Not sure whether that's the beautiful and playful percussion crafted by the Vermont-based producer or the relaxing and comforting guitar licks. All I want is to lay under the shadow of an old tree while staring at the waves, while listening to this.

You can stream the full EP on all platforms here.

posted by Ivo
July 2022