I couldn't be happier with Sofasound's first EP via our label.

The full Forget About Me dropped last month and the 4 tracks revealed part of John's truth. His journey to self-acceptance, the issues, ups and downs he's been through and how pure his soul is. Besides the written interview on Electric Hawk and the hundreds of curators who supported the 4 tracks, we had the pleasure of hosting a live Discord streaming party and interview with John. In an intimate setting we had the pleasure to get to know him even further.

Today, we open a new page of our sonic journey. "Into Night" is the first track from the 2nd EP I've Grown (out in 2022) and reflects a calm, introspective mood towards the listener thus setting the tone for what’s to come throughout the EP.

One of the most peaceful and positive things we've put out in a while. Just a taste of what's ahead and this new chapter in the Sofasound journey.

Stream on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
December 2021