Sofasound is an extremely talented young producer hailing from the US I found in the beginning of the year and who hasn't stopped surprising me ever since.

I follow his Twitter feed and I know he's been going through some health problems, but that hasn't stopped him to create some of the most beautiful, out-of-the-box beats I've heard lately. We even had the pleasure to premiere one of his tracks called "Love Like a River" - a true chillhop gem.

So, as I said, Sofasound has been pretty active throughout 2018 and his full length album Do You is damn good evidence for that. 8 very organic-sounding beats which not only will elevate your mind, but make you feel warm and great about life in a strange way. This was written on the track description...

Made this song as soon as I got home from a surgical procedure on my stomach, while I was under I had a dream I was in a white room playing guitar peacefully. I was heavily inspired to make this one, hope you enjoy!

I've been super busy with wedding and travels for the past month, so I am taking a really relaxing, mental weekend in order to plan some really important things for Stereofox. I woke up at 7 (yep, it's Saturday...), worked out, just drank my first coffee and before burrying my head into "product" stuff, wanted to share with you my favourite track from the album called "On The Other Side". I chose a different artwork, but it's how I felt while listening to the track - just chilling at home, drinking a coffee and embracing life as it is. Absolutely beautiful composition and I hope it gives your weekend an awesome start.

posted by Ivo
September 2018