So much time in the making! And we finally get to share with you the first of many steps ahead... the first step of a personal and intimate journey that John aka Sofasound created in his bedroom in the past year.

If you've followed us for some time you would know I'm very fond of his music, so welcoming him on Stereofox Records was a really special moment. Him and I have been talking most of the summer and coming up with the concept of what's ahead (will share more info in the following weeks) and let me tell you - there's greatness coming your way.

If you like chillhop, spacious electronica and future bass elements...basically a genre glitch vibe, you'll love "Searching For Me".

John wrote his upcoming EP (part 1 of the journey I'm talking about) while he battled chronic pain and serious health issues. A time he felt like a burden to people in his life. The lush beat vibe that "Searching For Me" represents is about the solo search for the inner self and acknowledging issues.

Stream on all major platforms here.

posted by Ivo
October 2021