From the instrumental to the vocal performance, Solomon Fox and Khi Infinite offer a sense of warmth and comfort in their latest collaboration "Make Room".

Known for his distinct fusion of hip-hop, r&b, and alternative sounds, burgeoning up-and-comer, Khi Infinite, considers himself a “chameleon” as he adapts to a variety of musical spheres. The soothing vocal performance brings to life the soulful, r&b allure found in "Make Room", while Khi dives into themes of self-care throughout his heartfelt verse. The dreamy keys by Solomon not only accentuate the themes emotive themes that are touched on, but they also give the track a pensive feel.

Khi states, "The song delves into my struggle of finding peace amidst life's hardships, touching on themes of self-medication, self-awareness, and the pursuit of happiness"

posted by Lu
last month