Friday's for dancing, or at least celebrating the end of the workweek.

Remember Jeyaia and the sultry "No Love"? Today, her silky vocals meet the exqusite lofi house production of Sonny Grin, a fellow Australian producer & multi-instrumentalist, for "All I Need".

Rich on dance grooves, jazzy chords, and also sexy AF, the song is about those moments of passion and burning desires, winking at the listeners to reminisce about the endless nights out and the instant, unexplainable connections created in such moments. Jeyaia elaborates on the song's meaning:

"All I Need" describes that feeling of unstoppable magnetism to another soul, even though you know it’s a bad idea. Sometimes passion overrides logic and this song embodies the energy of completely giving in to the inescapable chemical reaction.

The chemistry between these two artists is undoubtedly strong and natural - and the proof is that the song was created within a day. Sonny shares:

It's always an amazing feeling when the music just comes out so easily. I'm typically not the kind of producer and writer who can bang a bunch of stuff out super quickly, I'm more step-by-step, working in my own time type of artist. It was awesome working with Jeyaia and I think All I Need was probably the first time I've actually written an instrumental and recorded the majority of the parts all in one session!

If you love good contemporary dance music, with touches of soul & jazz, that can make you go all night, this one's for you.

posted by Nasko
September 2022