“Out Here, It’s Fine” is a new track from Soul Food Horns produced by Melatone featuring Louk, Sam Howden, Cloudchord, and part of Soul Food Horns EP “Cookout.” The tune is the definition of chillhop complexity in my book (with a jazzy twist) and how I wish to imagine my emotionally induced thought processes as integrated by meditation.

There’s a steady guitar flow to presumably help you stay grounded although the trumpet flare and the inherent sexiness of the sax manage to completely throw your sacred balance off. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a dreamy flute for some extra distraction. Well, that escalated quickly.

And in a moment of overwhelmingness and worry that the sound dissonance might be too much for your fragile eardrum to handle, you close your eyes, breathe in, and realize.. you’re wrong.

The entanglement and music layering are not only not  too much but exactly what you need and you (as well as your eardrums) are anything but fragile. Take the delicate last flute at 2:08 as a confirmation from the Universe and the crazy talented artists behind “Out Here, It’s Fine.” Because it really is more than fine.

Stay tuned for the rest of the "Cookout" tracks set to release through the end of July.

posted by Hristina
July 2020