I swear to whatever is above us - I've heard St. South's voice somewhere else, but digging in my brain the last half an hour didn't help at all. Her single "Slacks" have been around for more than half a year, so perhaps it has been blogged around the Internet a few good times.

Olivia's voice is the innocence itself. I don't think I can provide a better description of the sounds coming out of her mouth. That and the impressive production skills are enough reason for me to completely fall in love with her music. For those, curious to find out more information about her, 2 years ago she was one of the Bon Iver's Stem project where fans were remixing various tracks. It was nice to see that among the other winners winners are two other familiar names - Kyson and Teen Daze. I think after abusing the repeat button on "Slacks", I should check out the other remixes...

posted by Ivo
February 2014