Queen of distorted guitar and my favorite weirdo St. Vincent returned in February with a new album - once again successfully maneuvering between experimental and pop. Definitely influenced by her work with new-wave legend David Byrne and his electronically infected rock, Annie Clark has created a beautiful avant-garde product, which surprisingly gained the acclaim of critics and public alike.

"Prince Johnny" is a haunting ballad that sets the naivety of Annie's delicate vocals within a deep, dark landscape of monotonous beats and guitar progressions. The lyrics are strongly poetic and personal, a Pinocchio-esque tragedy of raw emotional outburst constrained by a detached, almost sterile exterior.

Just as it is with most of her works, this track's multiple musical layers give it the capacity to be rediscovered and complemented with every repetition. One of my favorite songs on the LP, "Prince Johnny" is a brilliant example of St Vincent's ability to create an original and innovative, at the same time elegant and tasteful sound.

posted by Iva
July 2014