Here's a gem to make your day brighter.

Lovely to have the chillhop legend Stan Forebee for another Stereofox release - the warm & jazzy “Magnolia”, which draws inspiration from the delicate flower and the way it brings colorfulness to the world.

With spring just around the corner, the song will help you sail away from the gloomy winter. Dive into the magnificent blend of pulsating synths, groovy drums, hazy guitars & the playful jazzy keys mid-track that will send your mind wandering.

Stan shares, “In Australia, the Magnolia flower marks the beautiful transition of winter to spring, when nature begins to brighten up and flower blossoms start to colour the world around us. The Magnolia resembles a path out of pale blandness into fruitful brightness. This is my favourite and most creative season, and I wrote this song during those days; listening back now I can hear in what ways it inspired me to create these hopeful melodies while walking along the Melbourne streets filled with magnolia flowers.”

Find it on your fav streaming platform here.

posted by Nasko
March 2023