Stan is undoubtedly one of the names you absolutely have to know when it comes to chillhop music - especially its golden years.

Being neck-deep in all sorts of music production, including projects with Marvel, Stan continues to share his love for instrumental hip hop, finely crafted with his signature pulsating synths & shakers, creating the finest listening experience. His new release with Stereofox is called "Now Or Never" and is meant to evoke warmth & brightness in your day.

Stan elaborates, “Glad to be back to Stereofox for a 3rd release. “Now Or Never” is a hopeful tune about the resilience to achieve great things, even when odds are against you. It’s about fighting for redemption, the belief that no matter how unlikely it seems, the good will eventually come your way.”

You can find it on your preferred platform here.

posted by Nasko
4 weeks ago