Each new fika is such a bliss and this one takes things even further.

The UK duo teamed up with half Sri Lankan, half German, South East London-based singer Stefan Mahendra for this beautiful & mellow r&b/soul piece with a rock-ish touch. If you're also surprised by the sudden turn the song takes, fika explain: "We wanted the chorus to really hit you and for the listener to feel pumped by the end, our mix engineer Joshua Pleeter absolutely nailed it here, we love the raw energy and depth of sound".

"Tear This Love Apart" is about accepting the end of a relationship and is the first taste of his debut EP, out via Bamboo Recordings which explores “the inherently unpredictable aspects of love”. There's amazing energy between the 3 of them and Stefan elaborates:

I love the fact that we are all as passionate as each other about music. When we were writing the EP, we got so excited and hyped each other up so much. It’s amazing and exactly the type of energy you want when collaborating. Aside from countless delicious kebabs we consumed (big up J&D Kebabs), we also have a lot of fun just hanging out and I’m so happy to say that the fika boys have become very good friends of mine

posted by Nasko
February 2022