Must admit, this was rather a surprise for me to hear from Steven Bamidele.

But if you think about it, he already showed us the indie pop/indietronica side of his music in "Other Side". And "Tethered" takes things one step further, with mellow keys, synths, and drum groove. Of course, with a jazz touch and soulful vocals, reminding us of Bamidele's roots.

The melancholic and deeply personal song is inspired by a period of self-reflection following the artist's father's death. Steven elaborates:

I’d lived my life up until 2020 incredibly blinkered - nothing but making music really mattered to me, and I was very flippant with the people close to me. After my father’s passing at the end of 2019, and then the COVID pandemic, the indefatigable importance of family and friends became so apparent to me, and forced me to question the way I live my life. ‘Tethered’ is an apology to my girlfriend ‘Lucy’ who has dealt with my shit for 5 years. Lyrically, it’s sort of a sister song to ‘Little by Little by Little’ which was essentially an apology song to my family.

Uncrowded EP is out now via Park The Van, make sure to check it in full below:

Steven Bamidele · Uncrowded EP
posted by Nasko
October 2021