Steven Bamidele is becoming more and more favourite of mine.

His latest offering "Other Side" takes his music to the indietronica realm, while his signature soulfulness remains present. The dreamy & hopeful piece is synth & groove-infused and extra-smooth on the edges, with mellow backvocals. It's also inspired by George Floyd and the movement he rose:

As a person of color who has grown up in largely white parts of the UK, there are a lot of feelings and conversations I’ve felt I couldn’t have, for fear of rocking the boat and making people uncomfortable. I’ve never had many friends who look like me, and so my frustration with racism often seemed like unwarranted anger, rather than completely justified retaliation to unfair treatment.

He also had his first official music video in 2.5 years for "Other Side" and it's such a pleasure to watch:

I wanted to make a song that anyone who has been subjugated can resonate with, whether that be due to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc. The video needed to reflect this too, so I was adamant to get a director-of-colour on board. That led us to Trevor Banks, who has done an amazing job capturing the emotion in the track.

The full, self-produced album Uncrowded, out via Park The Van, is due 15 October.

posted by Nasko
September 2021