About 2 months ago we helped with the release of the TRIAD EP (check the review and download for free here) , and now Supreme Sol, one third of that talented crew, is back with a project of his own.

The St. Louis emcee has brought forth a collection of 5 tracks, presented as Clestial Dust EP (grab a copy here), which see him rapping as crisp as ever over some well produced tracks by names some of you may recognise. Featured in this post is "Coffee Kakes" , produced by Brock Berrigan - a funky, fresh and cruise-y track ready for those summer days. As far as Sol's rapping on this, you better grab a glass of water before you listen because he is spitting flames all over. His signature rapid flows fit so well that you can't help but get lost in his word play.

It's about time he got more attention, because he truly deserves it with the skill he carries - I am sure my fellow hip-hop heads will agree. Help him out by supporting this project and stay tuned for more

posted by Staff
April 2016