Heartbreak and disappointment are the emotions that tend to arise after an episode of betrayal, and in “Hear It From Her” Susy K channels these emotions to create a beautifully emotive listening experience.

Within the first minute of the track, the manner in which her harmonies slip into the mix tells us a lot about the caliber of singer she is. Throughout the track, Susy exhibits that she’s not only able to dazzle audiences with harmonies and high notes… Her alluring songwriting also snatches the attention of the listener to the point where we’re engrossed with her tragic yet compelling story. The utterly sexy bass arrangement along with the keys from Dave Browning accentuates the soulful essence that’s found in this single. Towards the end, the track beautifully springs to life thanks to the shimmer of the brass works that make up for one hell of a dramatic yet lively ending.

'Hear It From Her', the second single (and also the title track) from Susy K's upcoming EP project of the same name, was written about how it feels to be betrayed by someone you love and only finding out through their oblivious new lover

posted by Lu
August 2022