On his latest release with acclaimed producer Twit One, Syf of Talking Knots elegantly flows over a jazzhop instrumental that emulates the feeling of being in a "Jazz Cafe".

This drop signifies the reappearance of the London-based rapper on Stereofox, his initial appearance being alongside Handbook back in 2023. The collaboration between Syf and Twit One welcomes listeners into an introspective headspace thanks to Syf's ocean-deep lyricism, and Twit One's calming melodic arrangement of the keys. Throughout the first half, Syf opens up about some of the struggles he's facing in such a relatable manner, while in the second half, we're acquainted with catchy flows that are bound to stick with us for hours.

If you'd like to hear more about this release, you're welcome to find more info here.

posted by Lu
last month