A month ago, we had the pleasure of listening to Ta-Ku's latest EP release Songs To Make Up To. Besides the awesome initial 7 tracks, little did I know that the producer has one more hidden card up his sleeve.

Besides the producer and his smooth beats, "Down For You" features the silky, comforting voice of Alina Baraz (who I hope some of you already know from our features). It won't take long before you really fall in love with blend of beats, downtempo and soul.

Not sure why this got cut off the initial Songs To Make Up to release, but I feel it's the perfect final steps of Ta-Ku's conceptional work.

The whole idea behind Songs To Break Up To and Songs To Make Up to is to understand yourself and all those emotions happening under the surface. And sometimes that's hard, so we often try to shut down emotions, feelings (being good or bad) and just not think about them until... who knows.

posted by Ivo
July 2015