Not everyone may realize that the original Ta-ku & Atu "I Miss You More" track sampled from r&b vocalist and singer-songwriter Inoj's 90's classic single "Love You Down”.

If the name Inoj is vaguely familiar to you, that may be because she is the same r&b artist who sang the old school classic “My Boo” that went viral after the running man challenge videos earlier this year, but her original claim to fame was definitely thanks to her aforementioned single.

Influenced by that fact, Krlx, a NY-based producer, edited the track to heavily feature additional Inoj samples. Rather than a more straightforward remix, his version is almost a brand new track in itself. With a smooth and sensuous beginning, that is slowly expanded upon and pieced together by bass-heavy beats. The track draws to a close by circling back to its roots and throwing in an unmistakable sample with a nod to Ta-ku’s original.

posted by Staff
November 2016