Ta-Ku is clearly one of those producers, who stands out with that deeply personal, almost diary-like approach to his releases. This could be, as well perfectly noticed in his heartbreakingly beautiful and sincere work Songs To Break Up To. Just like an illustration of the constantly going cycle of life and relationships, Ta-Ku will release his next EP and (obviously) a sequel to Songs To Break Up To, Songs To Make Up To.

After  being healed and moved on, there comes a new (?) beginning - “Love Again”, the first single of Ta-Ku’s upcoming release. Whereas, Songs To Break Up To, sounds somehow nostalgic and leaves you with the feeling of emptiness, (but with a little bit of hope hidden somewhere behind the sounds) you can hear the spirit and the sense of rebirth in the gospel/RnB kind of vibe in “Love Again”. The soulful piano and the hope-infused lyrics sung by Detroit-based producer JMSN with his typical "enlightened" flow, feel like a realisation of past mistakes and inspired eagerness for diving in what future holds for you :

'Give it time, give it time / This ain't no race’. 

These overwhelming tremors, triggered by the idea of touching a soul that you felt like you have lost connection with.

Soulection - a home of some progressive-minded producers, like Atu, Dpat, Insightful etc. contribute with the touch of Sango, who (like JMSN) is well-known for the Christian (but far from religious) vibe of his tracks. Sango’s presence just strikes me with the feeling of spiritual enlightenment in the last minute ‘breakdown’-like, bass-filled part of the song. Another thing that really got me is single’s artwork, with its fresher colour tones and  flowers opening up, which contrasts in a really harmonic way with the one from Songs To Break Up To (they are just enough slightly different), showing the idea of opposition and emotional resurrection.

In a really beautiful symbiosis with the coming spring “Love Again”, reminds you that breathing could be not just a natural reflex but an act of feeling emotionally alive. So if you still reading this, I’m pretty sure you would dig “Love Again”, just give it a chance.

  Songs To Make Up To is out June 12 on Fool's Gold / Future Classic.
posted by Staff
April 2015