So TĀLĀ is one of those artists that seems to do everything right, an incredible multi-influenced producer/artist (with the proverbial slash never being thinner than it is with TĀLĀ).

Despite her obvious talents for crafting tracks with perfect blends of synth, bass and vocal (including her own), TĀLĀ is one of those artists that you just fear is destined to forever be on the periphery. Hopefully "Wolfpack" will render that concern unfounded.

By co-working (TĀLĀ is the first to point out the co-lab rather than feature) with an artist of BANKS ilk, TĀLĀ is deservedly throwing herself into the spotlight. There's no doubt this track will bring a new wave of appreciators, probably more importantly however, it exposes fans of BANKS to an artist equally as dynamic and unique, all clouded within the same dark progressive sound.

It should also be noted that as much as BANKS  is a fan of collaborative working, it's not an overly relied upon trait. Well done all round then!

"Wolfpack" features on TĀLĀ's fresh EP MALIKA which you can and definately should grab now.

posted by Staff
October 2015