As hard as we try to live our lives normally for the past few months, it's a fact that soon it would be a third season (at least here in Bulgaria) with the presence of the world wide pandemic. Artist are for sure quite affected, cuz their careers are somewhat on a snooze for half a year and it's nothing less but admirable how they manage to raise above that and put it all into a perspective. That is exactly what Tay Rob has done. I'd say he has rapped his troubles away.

As things started to open back up, I started to rethink my career as well as my plans for the rest of this year and how I could possibly reinvent myself with my music going forward. This song, along with a few others, was a product of that reinvention process.

Turning back to one's true self is always a beautiful process, in this case it's also wrapped in the right lyrics, turning it into a valuable piece of rap music. You can sense all the heaviness of the soul and everything that he has gone through the past months with every single beat of "Lately". The focus though is overcoming it.

Being able to still have that desire and drive to pursue a dream regardless of the circumstances, I feel can inspire anyone. We all need motivation to work harder.

posted by Mira
September 2020