It's always 6 in the morning somewhere. But it's also always a good time for some TENDER.

The new "sweaty" (as they call it) single of the duo, "6 in the morning", is super seducing, somehow playful and the deep bass just holds it all together. James, the vocal, shares the inspiration behind the honest lyricism:

The track is about the bitter, petty end to a relationship, where both parties do things to push the other away. Avoiding being the one to call it off, they intend to do things to make the other break. When the relationship finally ends, it brings relief. We have all been in those situations, where it seems easier to stay in a bitter and toxic environment instead of just calling it off. It's like pulling off a plaster. The slower you do it, the more pain it causes.

It's both beautiful & devastating.

posted by Nasko
February 2020