Something for those true jazz fans out there.

Imagine a blend of Alice Russel, The 30/70 Collective & Bonobo but with live-performed breakbeat drums? This is the Magic UK singer Tess Hirst and a set of amazing acts - Richard Spaven on drums, Sarah Tandy on piano, and Tomorrow’s Warriors StringTing, created. It is produced and arranged by Casimir who also plays electric, upright, and synth bass.

"Magic" is the first single off Hirst's upcoming debut solo album HERstory. The song celebrates the band's resilience and challenges listeners to embrace their own magic. It draws influences from UK drum'n'bass but also adds contemplative strings and euphoric harmonies that complement Hirst's ethereal vocals.

We're eagerly expecting the full record HERstory - a celebration of inspiring women figures & mothers, set to release on January 26th, 2024 via the Jazz Re:freshed imprint.

posted by Nasko
December 2023