Although I don't actually play Grand Theft Auto at all, the new release of GTA V has been an exciting prospect for me regardless, as along with billions of dollars worth of profit, the games release also brought about a torrent of new music releases from artists big and small. Riding high on the GTA inspired musical wave is The Chain Gang Of 1974, an indietronica project based out of Denver, Colorado.

With vocals that remind me of Kele from Bloc Party and soaring synth melodies to rival the likes of St. Lucia and Pacific Air, their new single 'Sleepwalking' is no sleepy affair at all. Packed full of dark, towering synth melodies, 'Sleepwalking' has an intriguing vibrancy and electric energy attached to it, that is designed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

I can see exactly how this fits in place within the GTA universe.

posted by Staff
September 2013