Last month we had the pleasure to interview The Geek x VRV, but that's far from the last time we will be focusing on the talented French duo.

The guys dropped a new track via Chill Masters Records (FR) and it's nothing short but groove perfection. "Our Generation" is the kind of song which would make you feel super cool while walking down the street. You know, those videos where everyone's turning after you and there's just awesomeness pouring down out of every move you do. Soul, funk and hip hop beats - things couldn't get any better!

"Our Generation" is part of Chill Masters Records' HIP HOP SYMPOSIUM - a project gathering 16 artists of the independant hip hop scene around 8 EPs. Other participants include Poldoore, Guggenz and Laster. Stay tuned for more features soon!

posted by Ivo
May 2017