Canadian producer and beatmaker extraordinaire Koal Harrison a.k.a The Kount doesn't fail to amaze once again. Released via Good Society and Retro Jungle, "Detour" is nothing short of stunning.

Varied grooves, consisting of every possible percussion instrument you could think of, blend perfectly with jazzy brass samples and warm bass. The track's soundscape is remarkably colorful and dense, yet the mood of the beat manages to remain calming and casual. Just when you have gotten to know what the track offers, a quick 360-turn puts you in the new arrangement section, where a playful wobbly synth-line introduces a pleasant sonic contrast.

With its soulfully performed percussion and the flawless melodic change-ups, "Detour" earns its place as one of the ultimate urban beat anthems and is hands down one of the best jazzhop tracks in my book.

posted by Chris
April 2021