Catching up on all the dope music from last week and I just cannot look away from one of the most exciting records in a while - a joint venture by 2 beat legends we've covered extensively - The Kount and Kaelin Ellis

Their 13-track-album Vignette is filled with short, but sweet jazz-meets-lo-fi infused sounds which will set your mood into a groove overdrive. I absolutely love both of them and the freedom they preach. It feels (at least from an outsider's perspective) they are simply doing what they love and shaping their own path. That's why so many people look up to them and I think they both have influenced the new generation of beatmakers along the way.

I picked "STAR" as it was one of the tune, but needless to say - explore the whole thing. You won't regret. There's just something seductive about the track and once I heard it, I ended up playing it on repeat before moving to track #3, "FOOLS"... which is pretty fire too.

If you're making music, you can cop their free Vignette kit here which includes 40+ sounds from the record.

posted by Ivo
October 2022