Today the world received the first results of the ever-anticipated project of multi-instrumentalist slash producer Russ Liquid and New Orleans funk guitarist Andrew Block.  After both having been guests on global tours with Gramatik, the duo have combined their talents as the bestowers of acoustic-electronic sensations under The Russ Liquid Test.

Their first single "Honesty" comments not only on the possibilities of modern music production, but also the duo's unique contribution to it.  This track is jammed with acoustic instrumentals as well as distorted synths and samples packaged into a bright, uplifting tone color.  What I most appreciate is the prevalence of their skills as musicians balanced carefully with electronic production.  You get everything in this track: sick funk acoustic drums, soulful guitar chords, and a powerful ensemble of brass and wind instruments.

Interestingly enough, I had the chance to connect with Andrew Block in person about his work on this project while attending a festival in France over the summer (See what he had to say and more). Out just a day ago via All Good Records, this debut is certainly a positive sign of what they'll deliver to our ears and minds for time to come.

Happy weekend thanks to these guys.

posted by Mike
October 2016