We're only 2 weeks away from The Silhouettes Project, Vol. 2 and the UK collective continues to tease us with utterly smooth singles.

The new one comes from two Stereofox favourites - rapper Nix Northwest (you've got to check his Xin's Disappearance LP) & producer TAMBALA, whose distinctive hazy production serves as the perfect ground for Nix's flow. "Be Myself" is about... well, being who you really are. Nix shares, "This one is for all my weird ones, outcasts, rejects and anyone who doesn’t want to fit in. Don’t listen to the haters and nurture your uniqueness!"

I love how his flow has a certain firmness, while it's also absolutely effortless which works amazingly with TAMBALA's intriguing sound design, pulsating keys, drum groove, and subtle vocal samples. I'm already so impatient to hear the full project, after so many good excerpts from it.

Make sure to also check the music video:

posted by Nasko
February 2024